Millions of Stars

Millions of Stars a track from Metamorphoses, Album created by Jean Michel Jarre, First live performance was in Egypt during the millennium concert. Jean Michel Jarre is one of the electronic music pioneers also he is known by his mega concerts style. Jean Michel Jarre was born in Lyon on 24 August 1948 to Maurice jarre  a French composer and conductor  he composed several concert works, Jarre is best known for his film scores, particularly for his collaborations with film director David Lean. Jarre composed the scores to all of Lean’s films fromLawrence of Arabia (1962) on. Notable scores for other directors include The Train (1964),Mohammad, Messenger of God (1976), Witness (1985) and Ghost (1990). 

"ان النظام ايها الرفاق بل النظام الحديدى هو سندنا .. فان اعداءنا يتربصون بنا و عند الكبوة الاولى من جانبنا فانهم سيطبقون علينا .. ايها الرفاق هل تقبلون عودة مستر جونز ثانياً ؟"
- جورج اورويل - مزرعة الحيوانات

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